Friday, 9 September 2011

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

Artist - Lady Gaga ( 2009 ) 
Director - Francis Lawrence 
Genre - Pop/Dance 
Type - Performance/ Narrative 
Main Target Audience - Teenagers 

In 2009 Lady Gaga released her famous hit Bad Romance, with her conversational video. 
Lady Gaga AKA Stephanie Germanotto rose to fame with her hit Just Dance back in 2008. She is mostly well known for her wacky style, her unique look, her on going hits and her outrageous performance's. 
Written by Lady Gaga and Produced by Red One Bad Romance was inspired by the paranoia that Gaga felt during touring the Globe in 2008 and 2009. After a unfinished version for leaked online, Gaga premièred  the finished version  at Alexander Mcqueens show at Paris fashion week in October 2009. 

The song features a Spoken Bridge and a full throated chorus, which features lyrics about being in love with someone's best friend. 
The song contains elements of the music from the 1980's and 1990's, and influences of the German techno music. Bad romance was a massive hit that reached number 1 in the UK singles chart , Irish singles chart and  Canadian hot 100, whilst reaching number 2 in places such as the United States, Australia and New Zealand.  It was nominated for ten awards at the 2010 MTV Video sic Awards, eventually winning seven of those, including the Video of the Year.The video also won a Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video. - *(Wikipedia)

The video it'self features Gaga being kidnapped by Models who drug her and sell her to the Russian Mafia for sexual slavery, the video then ends with Gaga killing the man who bought her.
In this scene of the video where Gaga is in a sheer, skin coloured outfit. The sheer skin outfit and big eyes could signify innocence, and show her pure personality, which is contrasted from the end scene, where the colours are more dark. This scene features people pulling at Gaga trying to take her away, maybe trying to pull all her inocence away from her, slowly making the theme of sex more frequent.

The video begins with Gaga sitting on a white throne in a brightly lit white room. The scene shows her wearing the razor blade glasses and surrounded by people and a Great Dane. She has her finger on the mute button of an iPod speaker, and as she releases it, "Bad Romance" begins to play and a dimly lit bath house is shown. A bright light pans across the walls, activating fluorescent lighting. 

A collection of scenes then alternate between Gaga singing to herself through a mirror and in the bath tub. In one scene near the end of the video, Gaga is in the diamond outfit, dancing in front of all the suitors while they are bidding on her. She appears to be seen as some kind of property not a human being, linking to how some women feel in real life, being forced against her will to be sexual for these men almost like a prostitute. She obviously resents the fact of being treat like a peice of meat, ( which Gaga took to the extremes in her MTV outfit of meat) at the end of the video. Where you see Gaga strutting to the bed to the man who was the top bidder. She kills him. An act of revenge against everything that happened to her. The video ends with her laying on a bed next to a skeleton, on top of a destroyed ash covered bed, wearing black a huge difference to the beginning The Bad Romance Video the innocent pure sheer clothing has now dissapeared, it is almost Gaga's statmeant of image change to suit you.

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